Claudia Pilsl

Museum of the 20th century

Museum of the 20th Century No. 1
No. 1
Museum of the 20th Century No. 6
No. 6

Museum of the 20th Century, 2005 – 2009

The Museum of the 20th Century in Vienna could be seen as yet another redundant building in the hinterland of museums. But if one side stepped the fact that it is currently closed, the potential becomes apparent. As an art museum, it has never been just a shell for housing artefacts but a location of art. As the latter, it can still be seen as functioning perfectly well, that is acting as part signifier of what a museum could or should be, and as part porthole for what might be there. The fragile state of the art market has added new topicality to the role of the museum within contemporary art. For the artist this raises questions that need to be understood if not answered.

The body of work has yet to be exhibited.