Claudia Pilsl

Museum Ludwig Cologne

Museum Ludwig Kln Installationsansicht
Museum Ludwig Kln No. 6
No. 6
Museum Ludwig Kln edition

Museum Ludwig Cologne, 1995

This piece of work was more or less the starting point for a larger series of work in which Claudia Pilsl has attempted to address the currency of the contemporary exhibition space. The questions that were important to her at the time were addressing contextualisation of art within an institutionalised space. The methods applied were simple yet effective: By cutting into the B/W photographs she removed artwork and part of the architecture. By this, space was created for the present, for what could be there or should be there. This series is based on the Ludwig museum in Cologne and was first shown in the exhibition project ‘Fuer Sieh’ at the Galerie im Schlachthof, Bremen. The exhibition was accompanied by a catalogue.