Claudia Pilsl

Holland House Hotel

tree tops3
suite 4
Suite 451

Holland House Hotel Bristol

Commissioned site specific photographic work 2007

Suite 451: when walking around the rooms the artist came across a corner suite on the third floor.  Whilst taking test shots, she noticed that she had caught some reflections of the hotel room within the image. The combination of actual view and reflection of the location from which the view is seen resulted in this 3 part piece which was originally placed in the bar of the hotel. 

Treetops: Whilst exploring the hotel the artist become attracted to the integration of the trees within the structure of the building. However, to capture this relationship with a camera proofed not to be easy as the building was not necessarily designed to be photographed in this way. Eventually the artist ended up on the roof and found this particular view: the trees just being that little bit taller than the building itself.