Claudia Pilsl

Double Take

double take
double take
double take
double take

Double Take: Bloomsbury Square


Collaborative piece with Elisabeth Woerndl (Moving Image + Prints)


2010 Elisabeth Woerndl and I met for the first time to undertake a walk. Using still cameras we work in response to each other, prompting, coaxing, challenging each other to attempt to capture what surrounds us in that moment in time. These shoot offs are subtle yet tense, the dialogue between cameras and artists led  by what is there on the walk and what is chosen to be photo worthy. Yet by no means these walks are led by pure scopophilia instead they are an attempt of tracing the flow of subjective perception whilst challenging the boundaries of photography. What we see, how we see it and in which sequence inform not only our memories but also how we relate to what surrounds us. The camera can never replicate what we really see, however as artists we are able to ask questions.


The piece was shown as part of ‘The Walking Encyclopaedia’ at AirSpace Gallery, Stoke on Trent.