The Days of the Triffids, made in spring 2020 has been chosen for Southampton Film Week! I am totally thrilled! It is also been screened as part of BEEF reel at Sound Around Festival in Kaliningrad!




I have collaborated with Shirley Pegna and other BEEF artist on performative pieces.This is new to me and feeds into my exploration of how to take my practice as a rogue filmmaker forward (DYCP grant). A true privilege to have been part of it!



Thanks to a BEEF bursary I have made a moving image piece called MIRAGE. For this I have explored aspects from 'The Wall', a novel by the Austrian author Marlene Haushofer, within the currentcontext of uncertainty and change. It will be screened as part of the BEEF weekender. By the way, hoever said working with digital media is a fast and easy is wrong. It very much depends onwhat you do with it! I think I ought to write in my blog about this. In the meantime a link to the last blog post:



Some really good news! I have been awarded a Develop Your Creative Practice Grant! I must say it really took me by surprise that the Arts Council England has put faith in where I want to go and Ifeel deeply grateful. What will I do? I realised that I am effectively a rogue filmmaker and need to develop and expand my skills to make filmic projects with my local communities. Have justarranged meetings with some of the filmmakers I hugely admire and talked with Anna Haydock Wilson and Heidi Morstang about where we can take shadowing and mentoring! The schedule is fromAugust to end of January and I will write in my blog about it. 


Finished remaking 'resident', my moving image piece developed as part of a residency at x-church in Gainsborough, into a film. It was a tedious process, lots of thinking inbetween the technical glitches, but now with its 1h 39min it is ready to go. This is  this all new waters to me! 

There is an excerpt of the moving image on vimeo which should give you a bit of an idea.



Exciting news!'The Days of the Triffids', a short film that I made during the first lockdown, has been selected as semi-finalist for Cefalu festival 2021. Hope I can go and visit the festival. Have just made a little, quite experimental intro to it. Here is the link:




The show LOSS that I curated for ArtP in Perchtoldsdorf Austria will open 4th September 2021. Participant artists at present are: Irene Andessner, Oreet Ashery, Rosy Martin, Stuart Moore and Kayla Parker, myself, Elisabeth Wörndl. My own contribution 'Lassen' for which I had a long dialogue with Lisa Spalt and Dieter Sperl is more or less finished, book printed photographs ready to go to Spectrum Photographic.  I really look forward to see it installed!