The residency at x-church has come to an end and the work is mostly finished. I have created a 1h42' long moving image piece and also a photographic body of work which still needs more editing. Being a 'resident' at x-church was an amazing experience and I met so many wonderful people who shared their lives with me and I have made many friends. I miss them all but as a residency really never is finite I already have returned and will so in future. After all there is much to catch up, there is also Salon Slum, my personal endeavor, the pop-up gallery 'Chateau Marcus, festival x-24 ...

 After a three months break and the time in Gainsborough Ihave returned full-time to my PhD and have just started the third year.

I have written a blog in relation to the start of the residency. Please check it out!

In my latest blog text I reflect on the inaugural opening of Chateau Marcus and Salon Slum March 18: blog is also running on the a-n site: